Monday, 8 October 2012

Top Five DIY Projects For The Home

Due to my current state of unemployment (sob) I have spent a lot of my time falling in love again with textiles and crafts. I've actually been having quite a lot of fun and Pinterest is a fantastic source for all kinds of craft projects.

Here are my top five very easy projects that I am definitely going to try this month!

Light & Ribbon Garland.

Looks very pretty and is very easy to do. Just tie colorful and mismatched ribbons onto a string of lights.
Source: Pinterest

Photo Heart Collage.

I have recently bought an old Polaroid from EBay and have been looking for the perfect excuse to get snap happy! Perfect way to celebrate your relationship and have it framed above your bed. I really do heart this! (Excuse the pun).
Source: Pinterest

Book Candle Holders.

All you need is a page from a book, some twine, an old jam jar and a tea light. Simply cut out a heart shape from the book page (or any shape that takes your fancy) and glue it round the jar. Tie a bow with the twine, add the tea light and voila! Cute.
Source: Pinterest

Key Necklace.

I think these are great and look very hippy. You can make a variety of different ones by using colorful ribbon and painting the keys.

Felt Mice.
All you need for this is a small box (cigar box is perfect) and different colored felt. It's my niece's birthday this month and this is perfect to make as a present.

Happy Crafting!